August 15, 2016 -- What a night! Delicious new craft beer creations, terrific live music, tasty food, AND a healthy dose of democracy reform were all enjoyed at the tenth annual Red Stag In Cahoots! block party.

With a total of 1,381 ballots cast, the Ranked Choice Voting election was highly competitive!

Surly and Bent Paddles collaboration, Mother of the Gut Ale, placed first in round one with 347 ballots or 25% of the vote. Fulton and Modists Parallel Paradise was a close second with 313 ballots or 22% of the vote. The first to drop out was Schells and Bauahuss Hot Tropic New Zealand-Style Lager, followed by Bang and Summits Mike and Sociable CiderWerks and Fair States Apple Berliner Weiss. Their fans ballots were then transferred to their next choices.

Throughout each spirited round, Surly and Bent Paddle held the lead, while Fulton and Modist continued to gain ground. In the final round of counting, Indeed and Dangerous Mans Imperial White IPA with Tea was eliminated, and their fans second choice votes pushed Fulton and Modist over the finish line! The proceeds of the event go to acharity selected by Fulton and Modist Breweries. 

This election perfectly encapsulated the appeal and benefits of Ranked Choice Voting. Under our traditional first-past-the-post system, Surly and Bent Paddle would have won with a mere 25% of the vote. Allowing voters to rank their choices results in a more nuanced understanding of how the electorate really feels and, in the end, ensures the winner secures a majority of support.  

 FairVote Minnesota is proud to collaborate with In Cahoots! each summer. Its a wonderful opportunity to have fun while also demonstrating the power of Ranked Choice Voting, said Jeanne Massey, FairVote Minnesota Executive Director. This is another example of the momentum were seeing statewide around Ranked Choice Voting, and were thrilled by this unique opportunity to give even more voters the chance to experience RCV for themselves.

Ranked Choice Voting is used in the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and is gaining traction elsewhere in Minnesota and across the country. Keep in touch with FairVote Minnesota on our website, by liking us on Facebook, and by following us on Twitter to stay informed about this critical and achievable reform.