Authored on December 26, 2019

Dear Democracy Friends,

In 2019, thousands of Minnesotans like you became champions for democracy and helped make this year one of our most successful years yet! Because of you, we:

  • Added over 5,000 NEW supporters from cities and towns across Minnesota.

  • Made historic progress in the legislature, passing the Ranked Choice Voting Local Options bill out of the Minnesota House, and engaging the business community in testifying on behalf of the bill.

  • Successfully rolled out RCV in St. Louis Park, with 92 percent of first time RCV voters saying that RCV was easy to use! 

  • Saw competitive and diverse campaigns in St. Paul lead to nearly historic turnout in local council elections under RCV, with especially competitive elections in Wards 1 and 6 where majority winners emerged in RCV runoffs. 

  • Organized to pass RCV in four more cities in the year ahead:  Rochester, Bloomington, Minnetonka, and Red Wing

  • Educated voters statewide at more than 500! events like MN State Fair, county fairs, MN Farm Fest, Twin Cities Pride, Rotary Clubs, League of MN Cities, and town halls across the state, to name a few. 

  • Brought the nation's foremost democracy scholar Larry Diamond and leading business executive for election reform Katherine Gehl to town to share their analysis of what is broken in our democracy and prescription for what it will take to fix it: Ranked Choice Voting

  • On the national stage, we were selected to be a lead presenter at the 2019 Unrig Summit in Nashville, and recognized with an award for our flagship work at the annual convening of the National Association of Nonprofit Reformers in Colorado

Around the country, 2019 saw Ranked Choice Voting pass in New York City, elect local leaders in 11 cities, get adopted for use in 2020 presidential primaries in five states, and for use in the presidential general election in Maine. Organizers in Massachusetts and Alaska also secured signatures needed from many thousands of voters to get on the 2020 ballot for statewide use! 

The momentum for Ranked Choice Voting is not just unstoppable, it’s accelerating! The political science community is now rallying around RCV as one of the top reforms to fix what is broken in our democracy.

Help us spur this progress even further and faster in 2020 by making a year-end gift today! 

In 2020, we aim to expand in four more cities, continue to push for passage of the RCV Local Options bill with bi-partsisan support, and lay the grassroots and legislative groundwork to expand RCV statewide! 

We won’t stop until every community in Minnesota has access to Ranked Choice Voting and every voter in Minnesota gets to use RCV to elect our state officeholders.  

Please make a special year-end gift of $25, $50, $100 -– or whatever you can – to help launch our 2020 efforts. We’ll be in touch right after the New Year to let you know how you can advance RCV at precinct caucuses and conventions and other ways you can help keep the momentum for RCV going in 2020. It’s going to be a really important and fun year ahead! 

Thank you for your steadfast commitment to a democracy that works for all of us. 

Your FairVote MN team