Instant Runoff Voting took another step forward in one Minnesota city this week. The Hopkins Charter Commission met on Tuesday to hear the report from the Alternative Voting Task Force. That is a group created last year by the city council to study alternative voting methods and make a recommendation on whether there was a method that would make sense for city elections in Hopkins.

At its September 27 meeting, the Charter Commission voted 6-2 to favorably accept the Task Force report and recommendation that Instant Runoff Voting be used to elect the city's mayor and city council. The commission directed city staff to draft a charter amendment for review at the commission's next meeting on November 15. If the commission approves the language, it could either vote to put the question to the voters or recommend it to the city council for adoption by unanimous vote.

The report's main author was Fran Hesch, who chairs the comission as well as the task force that studied the issue. The report is attached below.