Authored on April 14, 2020

Contact: Jeanne Massey, FairVote Minnesota Executive Director,, 612-850-6897

FairVote Minnesota Hosts Virtual Candidate Meet and Greets for Delegates Using Ranked Choice Voting 

St. Paul (April 14, 2020) --  Minnesota’s political parties and campaigns are adapting to the challenges of the pandemic, and former in-person events are now going virtual. The Minnesota DFL has not only moved its party conventions online, but has also adopted Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) for all of its races where there are contested endorsements. RCV allows parties to complete multiple rounds of voting in a single ranked online ballot and and ensures those candidates have broad support.  

"We see how well Ranked Choice Voting is working in cities like Minneapolis, St. Paul and St. Louis Park,” said Minnesota DFL Party Chair Ken Martin. “We believe it’s also an effective tool for online endorsements in which candidates in competitive races must reach 60% support to win.”

FairVote Minnesota is hosting a series of Meet and Greets for delegates and community members in several of the state legislative districts where there are contested endorsements to help educate delegates about the RCV process and ensure they are ready to rank their choices at the online conventions.

“We can serve as an educational resource for communities and leaders  on Ranked Choice Voting,” said FairVote MN Executive Director Jeanne Massey. “With our election system facing new challenges posed by the pandemic, Ranked Choice Voting is a tool well designed to facilitate online conventions and meet those challenges,” she added, “these events are a fun way for us to teach and for folks to learn more about the candidates and the voting process”

FairVote Minnesota will host the following virtual Meet and Greets via Zoom:

The Meet and Greets are open to the press as well as delegates and voters in the district, but registration is required.

Please contact Jeanne Massey for information about using Ranked Choice Voting for online party conventions and our other electoral reform efforts in Minnesota.