Ready to Top a Triumphant 2013? Lets Make 2014 Even Better!

Triumphant: Theres no better word to describe 2013 for voting reform in Minnesota. Our success this past year is thanks, in no small part, to FairVote Minnesota supporters like you.

Making elections smarter, fairer, and more inclusive as you helped us do with Ranked Choice Voting in Minneapolis and St. Paul last year is an achievement worth celebrating on its own. Our many months of thoughtful, comprehensive, grassroots voter education and outreach paid off in spades.

And as a FairVote Minnesota supporter, you know that substantive and meaningful democracy reform like RCV, which fosters fair, competitive, and more participatory elections, also spurs progress on other fronts. The positive effects of 2013s successful RCV elections in Minnesotas two biggest cities will ripple out for years to come.  Now were building on the achievements of 2013 with an ambitious but achievable 2014 agenda and we need your help to make it happen!

Help Us Advance Our Ambitious 2014 Agenda

Were working to pass our "local option" bill [SF 335; HF 367], which will enable more communities across Minnesota to make the switch to RCV if they choose. Continuing to enlist more bipartisan support in the legislature is key.

Were helping other Minnesota cities including Duluth, Rochester and others at various stages in the process of moving to RCV improve their municipal elections.

Well use the sure-to-be acrimonious 2014 state elections to continue expanding education and awareness about the need for RCV for state races.

2014 promises to be a challenging and pivotal year. Transforming democracy from the grassroots up is painstaking work, and engagement from supporters like you is more crucial than ever.

Can you spare a few hours of your time to help make elections in Minnesota fairer, smarter and more representative? From data entry to event tabling to hosting a rank-your-favorite ____ party, weve got a volunteer opening whether ongoing or one-time-only that fits your interests and your availability. Any time you can give is appreciated . . . and truly makes a difference!

And please make a financial contribution. When you contribute to FairVote Minnesota, one of the Midwests hardest working public interest groups, youre investing in a better democracy and every penny is wisely spent. Donate today; whether $20, $200 or $2,000, it will boost the movement for democracy reform in Minnesota.

Be a Voice for RCV at Your Precinct Caucus

One great way to help move Ranked Choice Voting forward in Minnesota is by attending your precinct caucus on Tuesday, Feb. 4. Caucuses are a fun, rewarding way to participate in grassroots democracy and connect with likeminded neighbors. You can find out where your caucus takes place this year by using this simple tool on the Secretary of States website.

Whatever your party affiliation, there are several things you can do to advocate for RCV on Feb. 4:

There are more ways to help, too, depending on your party affiliation:

If youre caucusing DFL, remind your fellow caucus-goers that support for Ranked Choice Voting is now part of the partys ongoing platform and talk about why youre a strong supporter of this important reform!  Urge your state legislators to pass our "local option" bill that gives local communities the tools and flexibility to adopt RCV if they choose.

If youre caucusing IP, remind your fellow caucus-goers that support for RCV is in your partys ongoing platform, and talk about why youre a strong supporter of this important reform.

If youre caucusing Republican, know that support for RCV is growing in the GOP thanks in part to forward-thinking citizens like you!  Let your fellow caucus-goers know why youre an RCV advocate and let your legislators know that youre counting on them to help pass our "local option bill. Contact us for information you can share with your precinct.

Contact Mike Griffin for more information.  As always, thanks for all you do to improve democracy in Minnesota!