Authored on November 16, 2019

Congratulations to Larry Kraft for winning the St. Louis Park City Council at-large A seat. He ran a great campaign that was always positive. I am also grateful to Steve Hallfin for his re-election efforts and service to our community. With three good candidates, it allowed St. Louis Park to fully test the ranked-choice vote process, and it passed with flying colors. As a voter, I sincerely appreciated the opportunity to rank the choices on my ballot. As a candidate, I appreciated the focus on issues throughout the campaign and seeing the second-choice ballots applied to my total. Competitive races are good for democracy.

Kudos to the St. Louis Park elections staff. They did a wonderful job of educating voters. I spent the summer door-knocking and meeting neighbors. I continually asked if they understood the ranked-choice voting process. I’m happy to report that everyone was familiar with ranked-choice voting.

I look forward to continued engaged Collaborative Community Leadership in St. Louis Park.

Deb Brinkman

St. Louis Park

Deb Brinkman was a candidate for the St. Louis Park City Council at-large A seat.