Authored on August 18, 2020

To the editor:

When we cast our ballots in November, Bloomington voters will be asked this question: Should the Bloomington City Charter be amended to elect the mayor and city council members by the ranked-choice voting method?

Our answer should be a resounding “yes.” According to Bloomington’s assistant city manager, ranked-choice voting will save Bloomington approximately $75,000 during the first local election, with approximately $100,000 savings for each subsequent local election.

If that’s not reason enough, RCV should increase voter participation. Currently, only 8-10% of Bloomington residents vote in the summer primaries. That means a very small segment of our population determines the candidates who appear on the ballot in November. With RCV, a much larger number of voters will determine who will represent us on the Bloomington City Council.

A yes vote for RCV will save Bloomington money and give more voters a voice.

Lynn Lundeberg


Lundeberg is a member of the Ranked Choice Voting Bloomington committee.