Authored on August 30, 2020

To the editor:

To those protesting, saying “not now” about ranked-choice voting in Bloomington, I say the only time better than right now would have been last year, the year before or any time prior.

Now is the perfect time.

RCV saves scarce resources, including $75,000 next year and $100,00 thereafter, according to the city. It protects our community’s health with a single, one-vote date.

The argument “one person, one vote” is disingenuous: RCV is one person, one vote, just ask the Minnesota Supreme Court. Only with RCV can your one vote actually be for your first choice. How often have you abandoned your first choice, worried they weren’t electable?.

With ranked-choice voting, your first choice is your first choice.

Steve Peer


Peer is a member of the Ranked Choice Voting Bloomington committee.