Authored on June 10, 2019

As a young Latinx woman, the need for representation in local elections is a very important issue for me. I believe that every single group should be represented, the whole concept of having a constituency is that you are representing a large group of people. To me, this idea means that leaders should accurately represent and take into account all groups living within their area. I truly believe and stand by the fact that without Ranked Choice Voting, this cannot be achieved.

With significantly lower voter turnouts for elections at the municipal level as compared to the national level, any solution that encourages more representation of local voters is very important. By being able to rank the candidates in an election — and requiring winners to achieve majority support — voters are ensured that their vote truly matters.

As a voter, I do not feel as though my vote counts with the way we vote today. However, with Ranked Choice Voting, I would know that no matter what, even if my first choice does not win, my second or third choice candidate would have a good chance. This is so important to me because I know I would feel rightfully represented with Ranked Choice Voting. Implementing and supporting this in Minnetonka would ensure an accurate representation of all the residents, which is the point of a democracy.

Fionna Tejada