Authored on August 26, 2019


To the Editor:

Another low turnout primary in Bloomington demonstrates why we need ranked-choice voting.

While turnout (11%) was higher than most primary elections, it’s still extremely low and doesn’t represent the diversity of Bloomington’s population. We are electing the first new mayor in two decades. I’m disappointed that a huge majority of voters will not have a chance to hear the ideas of the other candidates who now have been eliminated from the conversation.

Also, with just two candidates left in the running, we are likely to have a more negative campaign than thoughtful discussion about a vision for Bloomington’s future.

We don’t need to be stuck in this unhealthy system. Ranked-choice voting would engage more voters, give more time for decisions and elect winners who represent more voters, and are accountable to them.

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Marcia Wattson


Wattson is an organizer with Ranked Choice Voting Bloomington.