Authored on June 25, 2017

Sun Sailor, June 26, 2017

To the Editor:

The St. Louis Park City Council is studying ranked-choice voting to see if it’s a good fit for St. Louis Park. This way of voting is already used successfully in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

With RCV, you rank your top three choices for mayor or the city council. If no one gets 50 percent plus one, then the last-place candidate is dropped and his votes are reassigned to the remaining candidates until someone achieves 50 percent. As a result, no one enters office with less than 50 percent of the vote as could happen in future years since St. Louis Park plans to eliminate the primary in council races.

There are no wasted votes because every vote counts – you can vote for your favorite candidate even if he or she is not among the leaders. Perhaps best of all, RCV reduces the incentive for negative campaigning because candidates don’t want to lose second-place votes.

St. Louis Park has been a leader in municipal innovation and adopting RCV will be another positive step forward for our city.

George Beck

St. Louis Park