Authored on March 08, 2018

To the Editor:

It’s been my privilege to touch base or work with City Manager Tom Harmening, as a citizen and in my roles with the historical society. In the Feb. 1 issue of the Sun Sailor, he had a good sentence on Page 7 about the new racial equity coordinator position in our city: “If we want to diversify our workforce, we’re not going to do that by using the same hiring practices that we’ve used for years and years that ended up with the same result: a lack of diversity.”


The word “voting” could easily be inserted for the word hiring and apply to our government representatives and not just the workforce. The last three elections in Minneapolis and St. Paul, under ranked-choice voting, brought noticeably more diversity to the positions up for a vote. Ranked-choice voting will promote the same benefit here in the Park.

John Olson

St. Louis Park