Authored on August 09, 2020


To the editor:

A common refrain in America is “majority rules.”

It’s a simple, yet profound principle of democracy. In Bloomington, however, this isn’t the case. Instead, whoever receives the most votes wins, even if it’s not a majority.

Many Bloomington residents support ranked-choice voting to remedy this problem, whereby voters rank their candidates by preference. As long as your top candidate isn’t the least vote-getter, your vote doesn’t change. RCV drives candidates to campaign not only to be your top preference, but also your second and third, thus pushing them to be more consensus-driven and less polarizing. We need that kind of kinder politics these days.

In addition, RCV would eliminate the need for primary elections for municipal offices. Primaries tend to have low turnout, thus putting candidate selection in the hands of the few. Voters under RCV would have more choice and influence. Plus, not having a primary is less expensive for the city and taxpayers.

Thank you to the Bloomington City Council for voting 6-1 in favor of placing RCV on the November ballot. As Election Day looms, I implore my Bloomington neighbors to vote in favor of RCV and majority rule in Bloomington. To learn more, visit

Noah Nieting