Authored on October 12, 2019

Letter to the Editor
By resident, Regina Mustafa, Rochester

As an active resident, I am concerned about several issues in my community, including the rising numbers of people experiencing homelessness and the shortage of affordable housing. I believe Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) creates an environment where challenges facing our community are better discussed.

Ranked Choice Voting would allow all candidates to run in a single election in November and not be weeded out in a low-turnout summer primary so candidates passionate about affordable housing and other issues are able to be part of the discussion throughout the campaign season.

If Rochester were to adopt RCV, there would be more candidates representing issues that matter to all voters in Rochester. As voters, we would be better able to assess the candidates for office and rank them accordingly. RCV is more inclusive, and makes democracy more fair and functional. To me, it seems like a simple change that can have a big impact on advancing issues important to all Rochester’s voters.

RCV is gaining momentum across Minnesota and the country. Maine will be the first to use it in presidential elections starting in 2020. It would be great if Rochester could be the next city in Minnesota to adopt RCV for municipal elections and bring a more inclusive and diverse democracy to our community.

Regina Mustafa, Rochester