Authored on February 08, 2018


To the editor:

The St. Louis Park Charter Commission and City Council made a great start last year by eliminating the municipal primary. Historically, the municipal primary had extremely poor participation and was quite costly. An unintended consequence of this change, however, would allow general election winners in November to be elected with only a plurality, nor a majority of votes. We need to implement a system allowing voters to express their preferences without concerns about splitting the votes, electing winners with broad public support.

Ranked-choice voting has been successful in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Voters turned out in high numbers for their recent elections and want to continue to use ranked-choice voting. The elections provided a greater diversity of candidates and winners, more voters and more civil discussions.

Our already creative, diverse and vital community will build on existing strengths by encouraging more people, and more diverse candidates, to run for office and to vote.

I urge every member of the charter commission to take seriously this opportunity to improve our democratic process by urging the city council to adopt ranked-choice voting.

Elaine Savick

St. Louis Park