Authored on August 12, 2019


To the Editor:

There’s an upcoming holiday to celebrate in St. Louis Park – one where you don’t have to buy flowers or make a dinner reservation! On Aug. 13, our city will not hold a primary election. If you pay attention to the local political scene, you understand that this non-occasion is worth celebrating.

Why? Primaries in St. Louis Park (and practically everywhere else) typically draw abysmally low turnout. It’s like hosting an expensive party on the taxpayers’ dime year after year with hardly anyone showing up. Now that we have ranked-choice voting, we will enjoy voting for a diverse slate of candidates in one decisive election in November with turnout at its highest and most diverse.

As a former council member, mayor and long-time resident, I couldn’t be prouder of St. Louis Park for joining the ranked-choice voting movement. When we vote in November, we’ll help other Minnesota cities see that ranked-choice voting cultivates a more inclusive democracy. With city leaders reflecting our increasingly diverse population, we will enjoy a truly representative, democratic government where everyone’s voice is heard.

Please join me in celebrating #noprimaryday Aug. 13 and engaging in a robust and diverse campaign season this fall. See you at the polls on Nov. 6!

Gail Dorfman

St. Louis Park

Gail Dofrman is a former St. Louis Park mayor and council member who has also served as a Hennepin County commissioner and Metropolitan Council member.