To the editor:

  • Minnesota held precinct caucuses across the state this month. And here’s the good news: across the state, more than 200 resolutions were introduced in support of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). It’s no surprise we see such growing interest in RCV. RCV is a tested and trusted voting method that allows us voters to rank our candidate preferences on a single ballot. RCV greatly reduces the negativity and mudslinging so common in traditional elections, because winning candidates must receive support from a majority of voters. This means candidates work harder to offer strong reasons to vote for them instead of just launching attacks against their opponents.

Since Minneapolis and St. Paul began using RCV several years ago, campaigns in those cities have become remarkably more civil and issue-oriented. I hope that both Stillwater and my city of Grant will soon join the push for RCV. With our state and country more divided than ever, we desperately need this shift in our political discourse.


To do this, we need to help pass the bi-partisan RCV Local Options bill (S.F. 2017; H.F. 2322) introduced by Senators Bill Ingebrigtsen (R-Alexandria) and Ann Rest (DFL-New Hope) and Representatives Tony Albright (R-Prior Lake) and

Laurie Halverson (DFL-Eagan) in the last legislative session. The bill authorizes communities like ours, which lack our own city charters, to adopt RCV.

Please join me in convincing our state representatives, Senator Housely and Representatives Lohmer and Detmer, to adopt the RCV Local Options bill when the state legislature convenes. Request their support for Ranked Choice Voting in our state elections to ensure our state leaders earn the support of a majority of voters. Maybe, just maybe, we can then begin to address the problems of partisan division and gridlock that are trashing our democracy.


Maureen Reed