Authored on May 10, 2019

We thank the Minnetonka City Council, for their consideration of ranked choice voting study session, and the community residents who came to last week’s council meeting to let council members know how important more representative local elections are to them, as a means of increasing the vitality of our local democracy.

The majority of the council members favored moving forward with a study session on ranked-choice voting, and that is great news! This study session will help all of us learn more about this smart voting system and how it could help our local elections become more inclusive and representative. With only a 5% turnout for city primaries (in a good year), it’s clear we need to do something to engage more citizens in our local elections.

Why did St. Louis Park unanimously vote to adopt ranked-choice voting recently? Well, a big part of it was because of similarly low-turnout primaries that were clearly limiting voter choice, fresh ideas and candidate opportunities and outreach.

We look forward to learning more. A council study session will provide an opportunity to hear from local election authorities, ask questions and discuss logistical issues with city staff. Most importantly, council members will get the facts, be able to hear how ranked-choice voting is working in neighboring communities and dispel any misinformation.

City council study sessions are open to the public, so the whole community will be able to listen and learn about this popular idea.

We look forward to working with the council and Minnetonka residents in the months ahead on this important opportunity to engage our community in the civic effort of making our local democratic process more engaging, inclusive and vibrant.

Barb Westmoreland

David Haeg

Paula Ramaley