The Maine Event raises funds and spirits on Sunday

October 24, 2016 (Minneapolis) -- Mainers are pretty commonsense folks, and they want to know why we havent been using Ranked Choice Voting all along, explained RCV Maine campaign director Kyle Bailey on Sunday at Sociable Cider Works in Minneapolis. We have an extraordinary opportunity in Maine and we can do it because were standing on your shoulders. Jeanne Massey and FairVote Minnesota has been a considerable resource for Maine, he added.

Bailey was the featured speaker at a crowded fundraiser sponsored by FairVote Minnesota to help push Maine over the finish line in its historic effort to enact RCV statewide.  Sen. Scott Dibble, one of the first elected officials in Minnesota to endorse RCV, also spoke in support of the Maine statewide ballot measure.

Enacting policies at the state and national levels happens in incremental steps, said Dibble. We have to show that Ranked Choice Voting works and is not a threat to democracy. . . If a good, red-blooded American state like Maine passes this it will demonstrate the value (of RCV) to the rest of thecountry. We also will gain a wealth of data fromMaine to help us be effective in Minnesota.

Thanks to all who attended! If you missed out, you can still support Ran2ked Choice Voting efforts here