TWO WEEKS, Minneapolis friends.

Precinct caucuses start in just two weeks on Tuesday, April 4. This is your chance to gather with your neighbors, talk about issues important to you in the races for City Council, Mayor, Park Board, and Board of Estimate and Taxation, and become a delegate to upcoming ward and city conventions.

It’s also your chance to help kick off Ranked Choice Voting education in Minneapolis this year and advance democracy reform in Minnesota!

We’re seeking volunteers for every precinct in Minneapolis to educate caucus goers about RCV, enlist their support and ensure they pledge to rank their vote in November!

Please email “YES I’m attending” to (and let us know what precinct you're in if you know) to this email and we’ll follow up with details.

Don’t know where your precinct caucus is? Find it here.

At your caucus, sign up to become a delegate to your ward and the city conventions, where we will continue to educate party activists and signup supporters.

If you want to see the same democratic process we use in our city used for the endorsement process of your next mayor or council member, please also volunteer to become a part of the Rules Committee for the City convention (where mayoral candidates will vie for endorsement) as well as your Ward Convention (in city council races with 4 or more candidates seeking endorsement).  We need you around the table to advocate for the use of RCV over traditional round-by-round balloting. RCV will help increase participation by shortening the process and reduce the likelihood of a convention decided by attrition.

Participating in caucuses is easy and fun. And if you care about the future of democracy reform in Minnesota, it’s essential!

As always, we’re grateful for all you do to protect and expand democracy in Minnesota.

The FairVote Minnesota team