Authored on July 16, 2019

Responsible civic leadership means carefully shepherding community resources, including managing the costs of running local elections. That’s why it’s time for our city council to seriously consider adopting ranked-choice voting, which is a proven and more efficient election system.

With ranking, we do not need an expensive, low-turnout primary in which only a few voters decide who will be on the ballot in November. Instead, one election is held in November when more people come to the polls. With the ranking method, voters are able to clearly communicate their preferences among all the candidates. And, best of all, a winning candidate must achieve majority support to win.

These benefits have been proven repeatedly in Minneapolis and St. Paul, which have been using ranked-choice voting for quite some time. The St. Louis Park City Council just adopted RCV in their community, too. Let’s make Minnetonka the next Minnesota city to implement this smarter and more efficient election system.

Tom Potvin