a Rank Your Vote lawn sign at the Rochester event

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) –  A new group in Rochester is working to change the way the city votes in elections.

Ranked Choice Voting Rochester had a kickoff campaign event Tuesday at Forager Brewery to start spreading the word about this kind of voting.

In ranked choice, rather than voting for just one candidate, voters instead rank every candidate in order of preference.

Supporters say this eliminates the need for a primary and helps to make sure the winning candidate has the broadest support from all voters.

“It can also encourage diverse candidates to start running and also to help eliminate some of the polarization that’s been happening in government,” explained Vangie Castro, Ranked Choice Voting Rochester’s Community Organizer.

People at tonight’s event could rank a flight of beer at Forager to practice ranked choice voting.

The group, working alongside the statewide organization, “FairVote Minnesota” plans to have more events throughout the year and keep encouraging city leaders to consider the idea.

Minneapolis and St. Paul already use ranked choice voting.