Authored on November 13, 2002

"Editorial: Instant runoff/It's a better way to vote," Star Tribune, Nov. 12, 2002. A strong endorsement of IRV as the best way to get majority rule in a multiparty environment.

"Forget about obituaries for state's third parties," by Lisa Disch, Star Tribune, Nov. 10, 2002. Calls for debate of instant runoff voting and proportional representation.

"2002 campaign raises serious questions about wisdom of previous election 'reforms'," by Steven Dornfeld, Pioneer Press, Nov. 10, 2002. Commentary promotes higher campaign spending limits, reduced participation by third parties, and less absentee voting.

"Poll shows independents tipped scales to GOP," by Rachel E. Stassen-Berger, Pioneer Press, Nov. 10, 2002. Sorting out spoilers and wasted votes. Quotes Green Party's Ken Pentel calling for instant runoff voting.

"Three-way races," by Laura E. Migliorino, Star Tribune, Nov. 10, 2002. Letter to the editor calls for Lousiana-style two-round runoff elections.

"Bring on IRV," by Alan R. Anderson, Star Tribune, Nov. 9, 2002. Letter to the editor cites lack of majority winners in statewide elections.

Chris Gilbert, Gustavus Adolphus political science professor, says, "We need to have a discussion [about the pros and cons of multiparty democracy] and that should include the discussion of alternative voting systems that's been sparked by groups like FairVote Minnesota in recent years." Minnesota Public Radio, Midday, Hour 1, Related links, 9 p.m. replay: Humphrey Institute analysis of the election. Nov. 6, 2002.

Steven Hill, senior analyst at the Center for Voting and Democracy, interviewed on WEZU AM 1220, broadcasting from Stillwater to the east metro area. Nov. 5, 2002.