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By The Numbers: Minneapolis Voters Overwhelmingly Understand, Prefer Ranked Choice Voting  

November 23, 2013 (Minneapolis, MN) In a new document released by FairVote Minnesota today, the numbers speak for themselves: Minneapolis voters have embraced Ranked Choice Voting, and overwhelmingly took advantage of the opportunity to rank their choices on Nov. 5.

Were thrilled but not surprised by these statistics, said Jeanne Massey, FairVote Minnesota Executive Director. Weve always been confident that Ranked Choice Voting is the smarter, fairer election system that our democracy needs. Minneapolis voters proved that beyond a doubt this year.

Minneapolis voters demonstrated a deep and thorough understanding of Ranked Choice Voting, as more than three-quarters of all voters ranked all three mayoral choices in the highest-turnout municipal election the city has seen in over a decade. Ranked Choice Voting is also largely responsible for one of the most civil, issue-oriented campaigns that Minneapolis has ever seen, encouraging candidates to reach out beyond their narrow base of supporters.

"Minneapolis voters - and particularly those in the most diverse wards, like Ward 5 - are embracing Ranked Choice Voting," said Anthony Newby, Executive Director of Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC), "because they understand that it gives them more choice and more power in their elections. Were proud of the work we did in engaging and educating voters in Ward 5 and ensuring their voices are heard, not just at the ballot box but in the ongoing work of shaping public policy in and for our neighborhoods.

Across all age, income, education, and ethnic groups, voters said they were familiar with RCV and found it simple to use. Furthermore, most voters 68 percent made it clear that they prefer Ranked Choice Voting in municipal elections. A notable 61 percent of voters would also like to see RCV implemented in state elections, too. 

When all is said and done, I think its clear that Ranked Choice Voting was a success, said Casey Carl, Minneapolis City Clerk. There are certainly upgrades that can be made to further improve the system, but Minneapolis voters demonstrated what we already knew to be true: Theyre astute, engaged citizens who take pride in their city and its commitment to inclusive and accessible government.

To see Ranked Choice Voting By The Numbers in its entirety, please click here. To learn more, please join our post-election discussion on December 5, at 5:30 p.m.  Click here for details

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