Authored on October 09, 2002

FairVote Minnesota is inviting organizations in the state to endorse three public policy resolutions. This is part of the ongoing effort to build a base of support for adoption of better voting systems by state and local governments. If you are associated with an organization that may be interested in promoting better democracy, please bring these resolutions to the attention of the leadership of that organization and ask for the organization's endorsement. Contact FairVote Minnesota at if you know of an organization that endorses any of the resolutions. They are as follows:

Instant Runoff Voting

Instant Runoff Voting solves the"spoiler" problem, assures majority rule, and maximizes voter participation in choosing the winner in multi-candidate elections and should be adopted for electing single-winner offices such as mayor, governor, and president to replace the familiar-but-flawed First Past The Post voting system.

Proportional Representation

Proportional representation voting systems assure that to the greatest extent possible every voter helps elect a representative, promoting accountability, more substantive discourse, and higher voter turnout, and should be adopted for multi-winner elections (e.g. city councils, state legislatures, Congress) to replace the familiar-but-flawed First Past The Post voting system.

Voting Equipment Flexibility

To be used with better voting methods (e.g. Instant Runoff Voting, various forms of proportional representation), voting equipment must have the flexibility to process a variety of ballot types, including vote-for-one, vote-for-up-to-x, ranked choice, and cumulative ballot types. All new voting equipment purchased or certified for purchase in the state should have the flexibility to process each of these ballot types.