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Sun Current: Ranked Choice Voting is a source of hope

Basha Salah in The Sun Current: It is a source of hope in a challenging year that the perspective expressed by the Sun Newspapers Editorial Board on Sept. 17 that “now is the time to make substantial progress toward racial equity,” has neared consensus status across our state....

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Sun Sailor: Ranked Choice Voting: A Reason For Hope

Fmr Republican Governor Arne Carlson and Fmr Republican US Senator Dave Durenberger in the The Sun Sailor: We have had years now of people seeking public office and promising to work across the aisle. We know it’s not true and we are in a state of permanent gridlock. In order...

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Sun Current: Ranked-choice voting is not complicated

Chris Saffert in The Sun Current: Ranked-choice voting won’t fix everything with our elections, but it will give us more choice in how we vote and increase the likelihood that our city leaders are chosen by a majority of voters. That’s why it’s supported by a wide range of past...

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New York Times: Election Problems, And Solutions

Alex Counts in The New York Times: Re “Presidentially, Two Parties Is Plenty” (column, Sept. 17): While I share many of Gail Collins’s views about policy and politics, and enjoy her columns, I cannot support her assertion that we would be better off without third parties. Who...

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Wall Street Journal: The Logic of Counting Votes

Eugenia Cheng in The Wall Street Journal: Millions of votes have already been cast in next month’s presidential election, and a lot of attention is focused on making sure they are counted correctly. Once votes are counted, however, they have to be translated into results—and...

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Guest Blog: Ranked Choice Voting is an improvement

Pat Meyer: Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV) is a better way of voting that will save Bloomington money. Today in Bloomington, a fraction of voters (5%-10%) eliminate candidates in the August primary (the primary costs $100,000), and that primary often provides us with candidates that...

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Guest Blog: Ranked Choice Voting allows more voices to be heard

Margaret M. Swanson: As I was putting up lawn signs in favor of Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV), I talked with a woman who wanted a sign. She said to me, “I want more dialogue in our community, not less. And I’ve told all my friends why I’m supporting RCV.” I thanked her for her...

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Teen Vogue: What Is Ranked-Choice Voting? Here’s How It Works

Lauren Young in Teen Vogue:  Voting in Maine will look a little different this year. Mainers are among the roughly 10 million voting-age adults living in an area that uses, or has adopted and will soon use, a method known as “ranked-choice voting” (RCV). In November, Maine is...

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Guest Blog: Reforming Politics Through Ranked Choice Voting

Laura Hannemann: After our recent presidential debate, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find an American who doesn’t want our politicians to do better. Democrats and Republicans alike have resorted to blaming, fact-less arguments, and personal insults rather than focusing on...

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