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Parkers Prairie Independent: Letter to the Editor

Edward TJ Brown in the Parkers Prairie Independent: Kevin Lee is correct that "we've got to meet in the middle." One of the many reasons that I support letting communities use Ranked Choice Voting is that it would encourage all candidates to move beyond their ideological base...

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Rochester Post Bulletin: Ranked choice letter misleading

Anna Froehling in The Rochester Post Bulletin: RCV is no different from our current two-round system in which voters go to a primary and a general election. If their favorite candidate is out in the primary, they vote for a second choice in the general election or stay home...

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Guest Blog: Want a Stronger Democracy?

By Andy Dawkins Member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, 65A; 1987 - 2003. Want a stronger democracy? Make sure everyone who wins an election gets 50% of the vote. It’s called Instant Run-Off or Ranked Choice Voting and it’s up for a vote at the MN Legislature. It also...

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The Atlantic: How to Stop the Minority-Rule Doom Loop

The next two years might be America’s last chance to protect the basic democratic principle of majority rule. Adam Jentleson in The Atlantic President joe biden came into office facing four “converging crises”: COVID-19, climate change, racial justice, and the economy. But...

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Forest Lake Times: Ranked choice is better for voters

Jen Scott in the Forest Lake Times Today, in most Minnesota elections, a candidate need not earn majority support to win; they can win with less, and sometimes far less, than 50% of the vote. When someone wins with less than a majority, it is called winning “by plurality vote.”...

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Duluth News Tribune: Ranked voting not difficult, a good idea

Joel T.M. Bamford in The Duluth News Tribune: I am encouraged by the movement for ranked-choice voting, both here in Minnesota and nationwide. Ranked-choice voting is a common-sense improvement to the way we vote. It is simply a better way for voters to choose elected leaders....

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Duluth News Tribune: Ranked Choice Voting could help in Ely

Tom Benson in the Duluth News Tribune I could barely keep from spitting out my coffee at the laughable statement on ranked-choice voting in the News Tribune’s March 15 “Our View” editorial, headlined, “Like Duluth, state can reject confusion of ranked-choice voting.” “A...

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Sun Sailor: It is Plymouth’s time to adopt ranked-choice voting

Michael Hearne in The Sun Sailor To the Editor: As the dust settles on the most contentious presidential election in modern history, the Plymouth City Council is showing its leadership by studying ranked-choice voting at a study session April 13. I believe it is the best option...

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