Hurrah for Ranked Choice Voting! It worked exactly as designed in the 2nd congressional district of Maine this year.

In a four-person race, the incumbent Poliquin (46.4%) and challenger Golden (45.5%) picked up the lion’s share of the first-place votes, with Bond (5.8%) and Hoar (2.4%) lagging well behind. With no candidate reaching the 50% + 1 threshold needed to win, the second-place votes of Bond and Hoar were counted. The tally after the second round was Golden 139,231 votes and Poliquin 136,326 votes. Golden was declared the winner.

With ranked choice voting, the 2nd congressional district of Maine is left with 50.5% of the electorate satisfied (those who voted for Golden) and 49.5% dissatisfied (those who voted for Poliquin). A very close race to be sure, and a clear victory for democracy!

Let’s adopt RCV for all elections in Minnesota.

John Crea, St. Paul