Authored on September 30, 2019

As we inch closer and closer to the 2020 presidential election... it's helpful to know different voting systems that are part of the political process. Momentum is building in Rochester to get city council to adopt ranked choice voting for municipal elections. What is ranked choice voting exactly?

KIMT News Isabella Basco joins residents as they learn the process by ranking their coffee. Vangie Castro is a community organizer with Ranked Choice Voting.explains , Ranked Choice Voting is kind of like an instant run off process where you use a preferential ballot where you vote based on your first second and third choice candidates."

Castro decided to use different coffees to explain how ranked choice voting works á simply because it's fun. "Sometimes people think that politics is really boring or not very interesting or they can't connect with it. We try to use things that people enjoy like coffee, beer or wine or chocolate as an example of how easy it is. Ranked Choice Voting Rochester says they will continue working to get city council to adopt this system for the future.