Authored on December 12, 2013

RCV By The Numbers: 2013 Key St. Paul Ward 1 Election Findings

  • Turnout for the Ward 1 city council race was 4,766 -- 33%% higher than in 2011, and the Wards highest turnout for a municipal election in 8 years.
  • Voters demonstrated a deep and thorough understanding of Ranked Choice Voting: over 72% of voters ranked at least 2 choices, and over half ranked at least 3.¬† The winner, Dai Thao, was present on 66% of all ballots cast.
  • 72% of polled voters found RCV very or somewhat simple to use, according to an exit poll conducted by Edison Research.
  • More than three-fifths 63% to 84% -- of polled voters across all age, income, education and ethnic groups said they were familiar with RCV before going to the polls, demonstrating the importance and success of the outreach and education efforts undertaken by FairVote Minnesota in partnership with the community organizations and the Ramsey County Elections to prepare voters for Election Day.
  • Ward 1 voters said that the election was civil overall, with 72 percent saying that candidates spent only some, very little or no time criticizing each other.
  • Last, but not least, voters liked RCV: More than three-fifths (62 %) of all Saint Paul Ward 1 voters want to continue to use RCV in future municipal elections and 58% want to use it in future state elections.
  • High levels of support for RCV in Ward 1 exists among older, nonwhite, lower income and less educated voters, who critics thought wouldnt understand or like RCV: 62% of voters 65 and older, 56% people of color, 64% of people earning under $50,000 a year, and 52% of individuals without a college degree all want to see RCV continue in future city elections.

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