Ranked Choice Voting at 2016 Party Conventions

Thanks to everyone who caucused on March 1 and congratulations to those who were selected as delegates to your next party convention!

Moving forward, you can help advance Ranked Choice Voting by talking to your fellow delegates about it, supporting resolutions for RCV and signing up new supporters. We know that the more people learn about RCV, the more they like it and support it. Click here to download and print - then just scan and email them back to info@fairvotemn.org.

Talk to candidates running for local and state office in your district about RCV. Ask for their help in advancing RCV in your community and, if they are running for state office, to support the "local options" legislation to ensure all communities have the freedom to use RCV if they wish.

If you're a delegate to a DFL convention:

1)  Vie to become a delegate to the state convention on June 4 (held at the Minneapolis Convention Center) to continue to support RCV at this convention. Click here for information about what happens at local organizing conventions, and here if you're unsure when and where your senate district or county convention is.

If you're new to the subcaucusing process for delegate selection, click here or contact us and we'll provide you with additional informaton. When you subcaucus, you can caucus for RCV in addition to your favorite candidate and other issues important to you. 

If you can't be a delegate or don't get selected, ask those vying to become delegates to support RCV.

2) Vote YES for any resolutions in support of RCV.

3) Whether you're a delegate or not, let us know if you can volunteer at your district (or another) convention to educate convention goers about RCV and sign up new supporters. Click here to download and print the signup sheet - then just scan and email them back to info@fairvotemn.org.

4) Last, but not least, speak out against myths and misinformation spread by anti-reformists who have a vested interest in the old plurality system. Click here for a breakdown of the highly successful 2013 Minneapolis election by the numbers and a myth-busting FAQ.

Attending party conventions - as a delegate or volunteer - is an easy, fun way to get involved with local democracy and make sure that your voice is heard.