I read with pleasure the recent column by law professor Joshua A. Douglas, which the Rochester Post Bulletin reprinted from the Los Angeles Times. Professor Douglas correctly noted there’s plenty to be optimistic about in our country, despite the polarization and democratic divide seemingly tearing us apart.

He described multiple electoral reforms that are happening around the country right now, including the adoption of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), in several U.S. (and Canadian) cities and in the state of Maine. That caught my attention because I strongly believe Rochester voters deserve the chance to use RCV, too.

RCV has proven to be an effective voting system by reducing campaign vitriol, encouraging more — and more diverse — people to run for office, allowing voters to thoroughly express themselves at the polls without fear of playing the spoiler or wasting their vote, and, ultimately, in electing leaders who are accountable to as broad a swath of voters as possible. These benefits accrue in nonpartisan municipal elections as well as partisan elections.

We need RCV in Rochester and ultimately in the entire state. It’s time for us to take control and demand a voting system that enhances democracy instead of weakening it.

Mark Samson, Rochester