Dear friends,

As you know, the Ranked Choice Voting local options bill met a disappointing and frustrating end at the hands of the Senate Elections Committee this session. We at FairVote Minnesota arent the only ones disappointed by this development the Star Tribune Editorial Board agreed today that RCV is going to look better and better to Minnesotans who worry about too little participation and too much polarization in their state and local democracy. The Legislature should give municipalities the freedom to try RCV and the guidance to do it well.

Cities like Falcon Heights that dont have their own charter are eager to explore Ranked Choice Voting, but need legislative permission to do so. Cities like Duluth that are actively considering RCV dont need legislative approval to adopt RCV, but they want guidance in implementing the system. The local options bill provides both types of cities with the support they need, giving non-charter cities, counties and school boards the permission to adopt RCV if they wish and all RCV jurisdictions with consistent implementation guidelines.

Please, sign the petition today to urge the Senate Elections Committee to hear the bill and the Legislature to pass it!

Ranked Choice Voting saves the cost of a primary election, makes campaigns more civil, reduces the role of money in elections, ensures the candidate with the broadest support wins, eliminates spoiler and wasted vote dynamics and gives voters more choice and power in their elections.

The local options bill contains no mandates; it simply opens the door for interested cities to implement RCV if they wish by eliminating unnecessary government red tape. It honors local control and is simply common sense. Show your support for the local options bill by signing here your signature is vital.

Thanks to the support of activists, volunteers, and donors like you, were confident that with your help, the local options bill will pass next session. Please make a financial gift of any size you can to FairVote Minnesota, sign up to volunteer, and sign the local options petition today!

Yours in democracy,

The FairVote Minnesota team