Authored on March 06, 2019
Image of White House with faces of many Democratic presidential candidates superimposed over it

Exciting news!  We have launched a petition to gather up our allies from across the state and country and demonstrate the need for Ranked Choice Voting in presidential primaries. At the moment, there is a growing number of candidates vying for the Democratic nomination in 2020, but broken system of voting incapable of electing a candidate supported by a majority of primary voters. 

We need the power of Ranked Choice Voting to elect the most widely supported Democratic nominee. The same will be true if and when there is a large field of GOP nominees as there was in 2016 and we will launch a similar petition.

Petition signers will feel the power of using a sample Ranked Choice Voting ballot to rank their favorite 2020 contenders. Please sign, vote and share the petition link with your friends and networks.  

Help us reach 1,000 new supporters this week!

Sign the petition & Rank Your Vote!