To the Editor:

Are you tired as I was of all the negative ads this election period? If so, ranked-choice voting (RCV) is the antidote to the poison that these negative ads spill out.

RCV opens the ballot up to more than two candidates. The successful candidate knows that disparaging their opponents will be self-destructive because, in order to be elected, a candidate needs to appeal to a wider range of voters by asking them to be the voter’s second choice if they can’t be their first choice. That alone will limit the amount of these seamy ads because how do you ask to be a voter’s second choice when you’re slandering their first choice? RCV, therefore, will change the tone of the campaign, and we can say goodbye to those awful negative ads. Let’s make sure our elected officials understand RCV is an important part of election reform and should be part of statewide elections.

Bruce Fisher, St. Louis Park