St. Louis Park (June 7, 2015) -- Ranked Choice Voting is on a roll and we’re excited! Voters and leaders in St. Louis Park enthusiastically embraced the proposal to eliminate their low-turnout, high-cost primary at Monday’s City Council member. They also expressed strong positive support for considering changing their electoral system to Ranked Choice Voting. 

At a study session on June 5, five of the six city council members expressed strong support for moving RCV forward to the Charter Commission for discussion and approval. If adopted, RCV could be implemented as soon as 2019. 
Click here for a recap of the June 5 study session and the April 17 city council meeting when the council received testimony from St. Louis Park residents about Ranked Choice Voting. 
Please contact your city council members and the mayor to let them know of your support for Ranked Choice Voting and urge them to unanimously approve RCV for St. Louis Park municipal elections. See contact information and key talking points below. 
Thank you for helping bring Ranked Choice Voting to St. Louis Park and helping create a better democracy in Minnesota! 
The FairVote Minnesota team
Contact information:

Key talking points: 

  • In the Twin Cities, Bay Area and other cities across the country, RCV is resulting in the election of more ethnically and gender diverse city councils and mayors
  • RCV gives voters more choice, opportunities for increased participation and reduced negative campaigning.
  • RCV is a cost-effective approach to ensuring our local leaders are elected with broad popular support in November when turnout is higher and more diverse.
  • RCV is working successfully in Minneapolis and St. Paul where voters overwhelmingly understand it and prefer it over the old two-round system.
  • The technical upgrades and voter education that are required for RCV already have been made by Minneapolis and Hennepin County, making it easy for St. Louis Park to adopt Ranked Choice Voting and minimize startup costs.
  • St. Louis Park always has been a leader in promoting more open and inclusive elections. Eliminating the primary and replacing it with RCV would be a great move for our local democracy!