St. Paul (November 4) -- In St. Paul's Ward 2, no candidate reached the threshold of a majority of votes required under Ranked Choice Voting, thereby triggering additional rounds of counting to determine the winner. Ramsey County Elections will conduct the reallocation process on Monday, Nov. 9, starting at 8:30 a.m. at election headquarters on Plato Blvd. This is the same procedure and schedule used in 2011 and 2013 for races that required additional rounds of counting. 

The RCV counting process is called the piling method, in which all the ballots for each candidate are sorted in piles according to first choices. The candidate with the fewest ballots is defeated, and those ballots are added one by one to the remaining piles based on the next choices one those ballots. This process continues until one candidate reaches the required threshold or until two candidates remain and the candidate with the most votes wins. The process is independently monitored and open for public observation.

FairVote Minnesota anticipates that the countys newly purchased machines will be upgraded with RCV software and provide faster tabulation and results for future elections.