National Night Out is a chance to engage with your neighbors about issues that matter to you. Help us spread the word about the need for political reform at National Night Out!

Behind the story of this year's government gridlock - at both the state and federal level - is the story of an electoral system in urgent need of reform. The vitriol and gridlock we;re seeing at the Capitol stems directly from our antiquated voting system. But we know ther'es a better way, and we know it works: Ranked Choice Voting ensures majority rule and mitigates ideological polarization. It discourages malicious and dogmatic campaigning and policymaking, instead fostering civil, issue-based discourse and thoughtful governance.

Download a list of talking points about how our voting system perpetuates acrimony and gridlock and how RCV helps fix these problems! Use them to talk to your neighbors and elected officials about the need for reform! Its as easy as 1, 2, click!  If you can't stand to let a good conversation go without getting their name down, downloaod our signup form and help us build our supporter list!

If you live in Minneapolis or St. Paulclick here for special instructions about voter education for the upcoming RCV election in November.

If you live in St. Louis Park, click here for special instructions about voter education for the upcoming vote on RCV in your community. 

We'd love to hear back from you. Email us to let us know how your conversations go!

Enjoy the evening!