Authored on December 31, 2020

Dear Friends,

I am proud to be part of FairVote Minnesota’s board and its mission to advance Ranked Choice Voting statewide in Minnesota. While I have been busy advising our leaders on the most effective ways to combat this pandemic, I make time for FairVote Minnesota because I regard its work as critical to the future of our democracy and the functioning of our government.

In many ways our national response to Covid-19 has fallen tragically short and that is in part due to the dysfunction in our political system. In order to have a more effective response to this pandemic and future crises, we need a better political system that fosters leaders who can build majority coalitions and incentivizes compromise. Ranked Choice Voting is a proven electoral reform that would do just that -- bring the best of our leaders to the table who are rewarded for problem-solving on behalf of the American people. 

Please join me in making an end-of-year donation to FairVote Minnesota and help ensure a more effective, representative and responsive government by passing RCV statewide. FairVote Minnesota is only $9,000 away from hitting their $100,000 goal and your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar!

No one thing is going to solve ALL of our issues. But if there was a legacy we can leave our kids and grandkids, it is supporting RCV and bringing about a more civil, more effective and more trusting form of government. That would by itself become a legacy that far surpasses anything I could ever do.

Together, we can build a stronger democracy.


-Dr. Michael Osterholm

FairVote Minnesota Board Member