Change begins at the local level, but that doesn't mean we are limiting our scope. In our work to educate about and advocate for Ranked Choice Voting, you can see our efforts at municipal, state, and even national levels. Explore our campaigns and projects in this section.

Legislation We support passage of modest, sensible, and straightforward legislation that would make Ranked Choice Voting an option for cities that wish to innovate. We are working with legislators to pass our Local Options bill, which will make it easier for efficiency-conscious communities to switch to Ranked Choice Voting if they wish. 

Rochester We are working with activists in Rochester who wish to adopt Ranked Choice Voting for their local elections. 

St. Louis Park The City Council of St. Louis Park unanimously adopted RCV in 2018 for use starting in fall 2019. The city is currently in the process of preparing the rules and education for implementation and is holding regular study sessions. 

Education and Outreach We cover Minnesota to talk with people about the benefits of Ranked Choice Voting.

Rank Your Vote voter education (external site) Any year a Minnesota city has a Ranked Choice Voting election, we jump into action to help voters understand what they'll see on their ballot and provide advice to campaigns that are running under RCV. 

Best of the Wurst (external site) is our annual food festival where many of the Twin Cities' favorite restaurants compete to be your best wurst, using an RCV election.