Change begins at the local level, but that doesn't mean we are limiting our scope. In our work to educate about and advocate for Ranked Choice Voting, you can see our efforts at municipal, state, and even national levels. Explore our campaigns and projects in this section.


We support passage of modest and sensible legislation that would make Ranked Choice Voting an option for cities that wish to innovate. We are working with legislators to pass the Ranked Choice Voting Local Options bill, which will make it easier for cities, school districts and counties to adopt  Ranked Choice Voting if they wish. 


We are supporting efforts in several communities that are actively considering Ranked Choice Voting for their local elections. Visit the websites below to follow each initiative. 

Ranked Choice Voting Bloomington

Ranked Choice Voting Minnetonka

Ranked Choice Voting Rochester

Ranked Choice Voting Red Wing (website coming soon)


Several other cities are exploring Ranked Choice Voting. To find out if your city is considering RCV or to get RCV going in your community, contact us at


Any year a Minnesota city has a Ranked Choice Voting election, we jump into action to help voters understand what they'll see on their ballot and provide training and advice to campaigns that are running under RCV. We also provide regular updates and information packets to the local media. Visit for a full view of our services, materials and tools. 

Saint Louis Park 

The City Council of St. Louis Park unanimously adopted RCV in 2018 for use starting in fall 2019 (see history here). Visit the St. Louis Park website for more information about the 2019 RCV elections. 

St. Paul

St. Paul voters adopted RCV in 2009 and began using it in 2011. It was used for the first open mayoral election in 2017 and in 2019 it will be used to elect city council members. Visit the Ramsey County website or more information about the 2019 RCV elections. 

See election analysis and voter and candidates perspectives:


Minneapolis voters adopted RCV in 20016 and began using it in 2009. It was used for the first open mayoral election in 2013 and again in 2017 along with several competitive council and park board races.  The next scheduled election is in 2021. Visit the Minneapolis website or more information about the RCV elections in Minneapolis. 

See election analysis and voter and candidates perspectives:



We cover Minnesota to talk with people about the need for and benefits of Ranked Choice Voting, build awareness about the Ranked Choice Voting movement and grow support to adopt Ranked Choice Voting at the local and state level. View the full scope of education and out reach work.


See upcoming FairVote Minnesota sponsored events here.

Best of the Wurst is our annual food festival where many of the Twin Cities' favorite restaurants compete to be your best wurst, using an RCV election.