St. Louis Park residents vote using Ranked Choice ballots

On November 5 residents will select city officials for the first time using ranked choice ballots. When voting on the races for mayor and members of the city council, voters will be able to rank candidates in order of preference for each race.

The city’s election staff are covering all the bases. St Louis Park City Council is making it easier to people to vote with early polling stations in the form of a new ‘pop-up' style mobile voting bus for those of us who would like to vote early

This is the first-in-the-state pilot project which allows residents to vote in-person in a community engagement vehicle!  Residents can cast their ballot for mayor, city council members and St. Louis Park Public Schools School Board on-site that day.

The Journey: St. Louis Park Adopts Ranked Choice Voting

On May 7, 2018, the St. Louis Park City Council unanimously adopted Ranked Choice Voting. This strong consensus followed several public study sessions and public hearings, including

  • Charter Commission Meeting – January 10, 2018
  • Charter Commission Expert panel, February 13, 2018  
  • Charter Commission Listening Session, March 6, 2018  
  • Charter Commission Vote, March 13, 2018  – 49 views
  • City Council Meeting First Reading – April 17, 2018
  • City Council Meeting Second Reading and Adoption – May 7, 2018

Additionally, the LWV-SLP and FairVote Minnesota hosted more than a dozen RankYourVote events at local libraries, homes and breweries to educate local voters. More than 700 community members engaged in those events. 

The City is currently in the process of preparing the rules and education for implementation and is holding regular study sessions. It anticipates using RCV for the upcoming 2019 elections. In addition to the effort of the city, the LWV-SLP and FairVote Minnesota will provide voter and candidate education to prepare St. Louis Park voters for their first RCV election. Please contact us at to learn more. 

RCV for SLP in the News

Why is Ranked Choice Voting right for St. Louis Park? 

In June 2017, the St. Louis Park City Council voted unanimously to eliminate the city's costly, low turnout municipal primary. In only eliminating the primary and not providing for some way to conduct a runoff, the city created a problem. Now, winners in November can fall far short of receiving a majority of voter support. Ranked Choice Voting fixes this problem by allowing voters to rank their preferences on the ballot and conducting an "instant runoff" if no candidate received a majority of first-choice votes.

Ranked Choice Voting also: 

  •  Gives voters more choice
  •  Increases voter participation 
  •  Fosters more diverse candidates 
  •  Prevents spoilers and wasted votes
  •  Promotes positive campaigning
  •  Reduces the role of money in campaigns 

See FAQ for more detailed information about how RCV would work in St. Louis Park. 

Who supports Ranked Choice Voting? 

City Councilors

St. Louis Park City Councilor Margaret Rog (Find out why here!)
St. Louis Park City Councilor Anne Mavity
St. Louis Park City Councilor Rachel Harris (Find out why here!)
St. Louis Park City Councilor Tim Brausen
St. Louis Park City Councilor Thom Miller

Former City Councilors 

Recently retired Ward 1 City Councilor Sue Sanger

Other Elected Officials 

Hennepin County Commissioner Marion Greene
Representative Peggy Flanagan
Senator Ron Latz
Governor Mark Dayton
St. Louis Park native Rebecca Noecker, St. Paul City Councilmember
School Board member Nancy Gores


Community Leaders

Jim Brimeyer, former Mayor and City Councilor
Gail Dorfman, Met Council Member, former Mayor and County Commissioner
Former Human Rights Commissioner Zaylore Stout
Deb Brinkman, League of Women Voters - St. Louis Park
George Beck

Thought Leaders

Tom Friedman

Media and Organizational Supporters

League of Women Voters - Minnesota and St. Louis Park
Star Tribune
DFL Senate District 46
St. Louis Park Human Rights Commission
Sun Sailor
Sierra Club - Northstar Chapter