FairVote Minnesota Fellowships: Summer 2018

About the organization

Would you like to be a part of the movement for a better democracy?

Political dysfunction is deeper and more pervasive than ever. Extremism, polarization, divisiveness, negative campaigning, voter alienation – it’s all there, and you can help stop it!

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is essential to giving voters more choice and power, and combating minority rule and the hyper partisanship, polarization, spoiler concerns and cynicism plaguing our politics. 

FairVote Minnesota works to bring this critical reform to voters across the state. This year, we are working to:

  • Expand RCV in multiple cities throughout the state,
  • Grow public awareness and support for RCV and seek support from candidates running for office,
  • Pass an RCV local options bill in the legislature,
  • Expand the presence of RCV in the media, and
  • Stave off opponents who wish to eliminate RCV.

Join us in making democracy reform a reality. We have several fellowship opportunities including, but not limited to, the following areas of work:


Helping the Director of Campaigns and relevant staff in executing tasks critical to the advancement of our mission will be a responsibility. Tasks will be assigned based on the urgency of organizational, as well as the Fellow’s strengths, skills, and interests.


Event-related projects will involve assisting the Events and Outreach Manager and relevant staff in identifying community and political events at which FairVote Minnesota can spread the word about Ranked Choice Voting. You will assess the benefits of attending events, determine the cost to the organization, and create and execute a strategy for organizing around appropriate events. The Fellow also will assist staff in relevant database management pertaining to events.



Field projects will involve working with the Field Director and relevant staff in all organizational outreach and field canvassing needs. You will work to create new, and deepen existing, volunteer relationships critical to the success of FairVote Minnesota’s mission. You also will assist in developing and executing the organization’s field plan, assist in relevant database management, and document field activities.


Database Management

Database management will involve working with the Director of Campaigns and relevant staff to transition data critical to the FairVote Minnesota’s mission to its new database. You will work with FairVote Minnesota staff to cultivate, structure, and refine data, as well as assist in development-related database management.


Social Media

Social Media management involves assisting FairVote Minnesota’s communications consultant on Facebook and Twitter. Specifically, you will attend FairVote Minnesota events, photograph attendees, and talk to them about why they support Ranked Choice Voting. Various other social media activities may arise.

Required qualifications:

  • Fellows will need to become proficient in Ranked Choice Voting talking points and organizational messaging, as well as FairVote Minnesota’s volunteer training curriculum.
  • Applicants should have excellent communications skills; experience in database management is ideal.
  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to multi-task and prioritize requests with a high level of attention to detail is crucial.
  • Applicants will need to be flexible, motivated, and able to work in a virtual office setting; a high degree of discretion when dealing with confidential information is required.

Additional details:

These fellowships are ideal for college students interested in political science, electoral reform, political campaigns, and social justice. Each internship is approximately 10 hours per week, and are unpaid but with options for college credit. The majority of the work will be done remotely; attendance at occasional meetings would be ideal.

To apply:

Please send a brief cover letter and resume to Heather.Klindworth@fairvotemn.org. Be sure to indicate which areas of work you are interested in.