Candidates from 5 parties are represented on this list.


Tim Walz & Peggy Flanagan

“Ranked Choice Voting is one of those ways to make sure people feel like their vote is being counted, feels like it really matters to them, increases participation, and gives us better trust in our democracy. So I fully support this. If I'm given the opportunity to be your governor I'll promote it everywhere we go.”


Josh Welter

US Senate

Tina Smith
Paula Overby

Congressional Districts

CD 1 Dan Feehan
CD 2 Angie Craig
CD 3 Dean Phillips

“What I love about Ranked Choice Voting is it forces candidates, no matter what party they might represent, to appeal to a more broad swath of the electorate.”

CD5 Ilhan Omar

“In a time when so many forces seem determined to restrict participatory democracy, RCV offers a simple, sensible, and proven way to expand it. I’m proud to stand on the front lines of voting reform in Minnesota.”

CD 6 Ian Todd

State House

1B Brent Lindstrom

2A Michael Northbird 
"If you want your vote to ALWAYS count, support RCV!"

5A John Persell

12B Ben Schirmers
"A new day is dawning and the first breaking waves of sunlight include the vibrant possibilities of rank choice voting to break us from the monied interests."

13B Heidi Everett
14A Aric Putnam
14B Dan Wolgamott
16B Mindy Kimmel

18A Jill Galvan
"Ranked choice voting gives us the opportunity to vote without fear of 'spoilers' or "wasted votes" that keep people voting for the same two parties who never deliver on their promises."

18A Justin Vold
18B Ashley Latzke
21A Lori Ann Clark
22B Cheniqua Johnson
23A Heather Klassen
23B Jim Grabowska
25A Jamie Mahlberg
26A Tina Liebling (Local Options)
26B Tyrel Clark
28B Thomas Trehus
29A Renee Cardarelle
30A Sarah Hamlin
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33B Kelly Morrison
"RCV builds consensus. In these divided times, we have to remember that we have much more in common than we don’t. RCV ensures that candidates for office campaign and then govern in way that represents the majority."

34A Dan Solon

34B Dennis Smith (Local Options)
34B Kristin Bahner
Watch Kristin's statement on Twitter

36A Zach Stephenson
36B Melissa Hortman
38B Ami Wazlawik
41A Connie Bernardy
43A Peter Fisher
45B Mike Freiberg
46A Ryan Winkler (Local Options)
46B Cheryl Youakim
47A Madalynn Gerold
49A Heather Edelson
49B Steve Elkins

50A Kirsten Johnson
“I support anything that opens the door for more people to run. That’s what Ranked Choice Voting does.” 

50A Michael Howard (Local Options)
50B Andrew Carlson
“Ranked Choice Voting is a more democratic process. Do we really want our elected leaders to be decided by 5% turnout primaries?  RCV ensures more people decide who their elected leaders are.” 

51A Sandra Masin
51B Laurie Halvorsen
54B Tina Folch
56A Hunter Cantrell

56B Alice Mann
59B Ray Dehn

61A Frank Hornstein
61B Jamie Long

62A Hodan Hassan
"MPLS and STP used a ranked choice system to good effect in 2017. I support RCV and would like to see more municipalities have the resources and ability to implement as they see fit. Civil campaigning as a result of RCV means a more civil dialogue around the issues that matter most."

62B Aisha Gomez
63B Jean Wagenius
64B Dave Pinto
65A Rena Moran (Local Options)
65B Carlos Mariani

Secretary of State

Steve Simon (Local Option)
“If forward-thinking Minnesota communities want to innovate – if they’re eager to embrace change that will broaden political participation, encourage substance and civility in campaigns, and foster smarter, more effective, more representative government – the least we can do is get out of the way and let them do it.”


William Denney

State Auditor

Julie Blaha

Attorney General

Keith Ellison
Ranked Choice Voting “will expand political access for underrepresented communities and give a voice and representation to all people."

Hennepin County

District 2: Irene Fernando
District 3: Marion Greene
District 4: Angela Conley