Here is the list of candidates running for legislature and other seats in 2020 who are identified as supporters of Ranked Choice Voting. We will continue to add local races as we survey and identify supporters. 

If you are a candidate and would like to have your name added to this list, please contact us at

State Senate

4 Kent Eken

7 Erik Simonson

25 Sara Flick

Anything that makes our democratic process more indicative of the voices of all people I’m all for. Another reason I like RCV, is that the moment that we are in with our political discourse is so divisive, and RCV forces candidates to be more substantive in their debate. It forces them to not talk about each other, but to talk with voters and to be more representative of the people. What I love about RCV that if you are someone’s second choice, it matters. If I’m fortunate to be sent off to the capital – it’s one thing that I will champion.”

26 Aleta Borrud

We need courage to meet the challenges we face in this country, whether it is climate change or the crushing inequities of opportunity.  Our current system leads many to vote their fears.  I believe that RCV frees us up to vote our hopes and dreams, to vote for the world we want to see.”

26 Tyrel Clark

39 Josiah Hill

39 Nancy McLean

39 Sean Ryan

41 Mary Kunesh-Podein

42 Jason Isaacson

44 Ann Johnson Stewart

45 Ann Rest

46 Ron Latz

47 Scott Jensen (local options)

48 Steve Cwodzinski

49 Melisa Franzen

51 Jim Carlson

56 Lindsey Port

56 Robert Timmerman

56 Kevin Shea

“I support ranked choice voting for this unprecedented DFL convention in SD56. It will be a true test and demonstration of the potential efficiencies of RCV."

56 Richard Tucker

60 Kari Dziedzic

61 Scott Dibble

62 Jeff Hayden

62 Omar Fatah

63 Patricia Torres Ray

64 Erin Murphy

65 Sandra Pappas 

66 John Marty


State House

4a Will Hagen

"I support Ranked Choice Voting because it allows voters to express their true preferences without worrying about choosing a “lesser of two evils” or voting for a “spoiler” candidate. By giving voters the ability to vote their conscience, we can address a key factor limiting participation for discouraged voters. Ranked choice voting is a step towards fixing the issues we see in today’s democracy."

4a Heather Keeler

"I believe it’s extremely important for our community members to have the opportunity to vote in the most efficient and effective way possible. Ranked Choice Voting provides one time voting to determine an outcome based on majority support and promotes a more reflective representation of the entire voting population. I am in full support of RCV."

4a Charles Hendrickson

5a John Persell

14B Dan Wolgamott

16b Mindy Kimmel

18b Ashley Latzke

20b Todd Lippert

25a Kim Hicks

25b Liz Boldon

I support RCV because it puts more power in the hands of voters; it grows our democracy, ensures no votes are wasted and expands representation for underrepresented communities. The candidates with the most broad support are those who should win elections; and RCV tends to increase voter turnout, which is always a good thing.”

25b Donavan Bailey

26a Tina Liebling (local options)

29a Renee Carderelle

33b Kelly Morrison

"RCV builds consensus. In these divided times, we have to remember that we have much more in common than we don’t. RCV ensures that candidates for office campaign and then govern in way that represents the majority."

34b Kristin Bahner

36a Zach Stephenson

36b Melissa Hortman (local options)

37a Erin Koegel

37b Amanda Matchett

"I am fully in support of Rank Choice Voting and hope we take this opportunity to recognize its benefits at all levels of elections."

38b Ami Wazlawik

39b Shelly Christensen

40b Samantha Vang

41a Connie Bernardy

41b Amanda Koehler

“I am fully supportive of Rank Choice Voting. Our democracy is strongest when our elections promote candidates with the most support across the board, voters have more choices in their representation, and campaigns are centered on the issues, the people, and candidate contrasting—not negative attacks.”

41b Mary Granlund

41b Sandra Feist

"I support RCV as an inclusive and thoughtful method for elections. The potential benefits include greater engagement between candidates and voters, a less polarized and more civil debate, and a more representative system of voting that allows a greater number of voices to be reflected in the result. I support efforts for greater engagement with and trust in our democratic institutions." 

42a Kelly Moller

42b Jamie Becker-Finn

43a Peter Fisher

43b Leon Lillie (local options)

44a Ginny Klevorn

44b Patty Acomb

45a Cedrick Frazier

45b Mike Freiberg

46a Ryan Winkler (local options)

46b Cheryl Youakim

47b Daniel Kessler

48a Laurie Pryor (local options)

49a Heather Edelson

49b Steve Elkins

50a Michael Howard

50b Andrew Carlson

“Ranked Choice Voting is a more democratic process. Do we really want our elected leaders to be decided by 5% turnout primaries?  RCV ensures more people decide who their elected leaders are.” 

51a Sandra Masin

51b Laurie Halverson

52b Ruth Richardson

53a Tou Xiong

53b Steve Sandell

54a Anne Claflin

55a Brad Tabke

56b Kaela Berg

57a Robert Bierman

57b John Huot

58a Erin Preese

59b Raymond Dehn

59b Esther Agbaje

59b Isaiah Whitmore

60a Sydney Jordan

61a Frank Hornstein

61b Jamie Long

62a Hodan Hassan

"MPLS and STP used a ranked choice system to good effect in 2017. I support RCV and would like to see more municipalities have the resources and ability to implement as they see fit. Civil campaigning as a result of RCV means a more civil dialogue around the issues that matter most."

62b Aisha Gomez

63a Jim Davnie

63b Husniyah Dent Bradley

63b Jerome Evans

"63B is a community of good, hardworking people with well reasoned opinions... who don't always agree with each other. Ranked choice voting makes sense for us because it helps us select the candidate that appeals to the broadest majority of 63B delegates"

63b Eric Ferguson

63b Emma Greenman

64a Kaohly Her

64b Dave Pinto 

65a Rena Moran (local options)

65b Carlos Mariani

66a Alice Hausman

66a Cari Ness Nesje

66b Athena Hollins

67a Hoang Murphy

"I am a supporter of Rank Choice Voting (RVC). For democracy to truly work we must ensure that every voice gets an equal say in the process. RVC allows for more voices to be heard in our elections and for voters to have more power at the polls. RVC along with provisions such as making voting day a holiday, automatic voter registration, and restoring the vote for felons will further our goal of having a more just and representatives democracy."

67a John Thompson

"I am a supporter of ranked choice voting, and we're super glad to see RCV be used for the conventions."

67b Jay Xiong

Hennepin County

District 1 Yolanda Roth

District 3 Dario Anselmo

District 3 Chris LaTondresse