Authored on December 20, 2019

The passing of Rep. Diane Loeffler in House District 60A has created a special election to fill that seat. As a legislative seat, there will be a partisan primary and general election. The dates are:

  • Primary Election: January 21, 2020

  • General Election: February 4, 2020


See Minneapolis Elections 60A page for details about when and where to vote, and the Secretary of State website for information about the candidates. 

Fairvote Minnesota asked all the candidates if they support and will champion Ranked Choice Voting if elected. Nearly all of the candidates responded and most enthusiastically support RCV! Here are the supporters who have responded and quotes for those who provided them. The crowded and competitive 60A race is a strong example of the need for Ranked Choice Voting. While voters in the district can't rank candidates in this election, we hope whoever wins will help enact RCV for future legislative races. 



60A Candidates Who Support Ranked Choice Voting


Amal Ibrahim

"Rank Choice Voting is an exciting tool to advance our democracy and encourage broader participation. As an immigrant woman of color, I will always fight to bring more voices to the table, and that's exactly what Rank Choice Voting does."


Jessica Intermill

"I totally nerd out about RCV. I appreciate that it promotes candidates with broad support and does so efficiently so that everyone can get down to governing."


Sydney Jordan

"Minnesota’s strong support of voting rights and its civic culture has produced one of the consistently highest voter turnout rates in the nation. But we can do better. No one should have to choose between voting and earning a paycheck. Election Day should be a state holiday, so that everyone has time to participate in democracy if they choose. I was happy to see a Ranked-choice voting provision in the House Elections bill in 2019 and would support similar measures."


Sonia Neculescu

"Not only is Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) a tool that we can use to advance participatory democracy, but it also gives more power each individual person's vote. I support implementing RCV in all primary and general elections statewide." 


Aaron Neumann

"This Special Election for MN House District 60A is a perfect example of why we need to institute Ranked-Choice Voting in all state and state-wide elections. First, it would eliminate the need for the primary on January 21st, giving all 12 candidates a voice up until election day while saving tax-payers the cost of holding two elections. It's also very fair: By allowing citizens to rank the candidates it ensures a true majority winner, eliminates the "spoiler effect" of a plurality (less than 50% of the vote) victory, and just creates more civil campaigns when 2nd and 3rd choice votes are at stake. Ranked Choice Voting works, I've always supported it, and I'll fight for it at the State Capitol so all Minnesotans can benefit from a better democracy!"


Aswar Rahman

"Ranked Choice Voting is just what we need to start cleaning up the toxic atmosphere of our politics — local, state, and national. It invites civility and a focus on the issues and real solutions. Let's lead on this and make Minnesota an RCV state!"


Saciido Shaie

"I worked on nonpartisan campaigns in the past and I am RCV champion. I do support RCV 100%! It is Democracy!"


Zach Wefel

"Ranked Choice Voting, preregistration, automatic registration, and fair ballot access laws are important to inclusive democracy."


Susan Whitaker

"I am a strong supporter of Ranked Choice Voting; as a Minneapolis resident, I have seen how it expands our options in city-wide elections, raising the overall quality of candidates and giving citizens more of a voice at the ballot box. I would be supportive of expanding Ranked Choice Voting state-wide, with full funding to ensure it is implemented correctly and voters are sufficiently educated on the new voting process."


✅ Marty Super

Marty responded that he is a supporter. He doesn't have a website available yet.



Other candidates in the race who've not yet responded:

Please reach out to them and ask them about Ranked Choice Voting!