Who supports Ranked Choice Voting? 

"I support RCV because the end result is more people having a say in who represents them in local government. It allows the candidate with the broadest support to win, rather than the candidate who wins less than 50% of the vote but gets lucky with the math. More people want to vote because their second or even third choice vote could push a candidate they like to the top. Particularly with the elimination of municipal primaries in St. Louis Park, the time is right to switch to RCV."
-- Margaret Rog, Candidate for city council Ward 1
"I support Ranked Choice Voting in St. Louis Park. RCV levels the playing field and makes democracy more accessible."
-- Rachel Harris, Candidate for city council Ward 3
"I support Ranked Choice Voting in St. Louis Park 100%. Primary elections for city council and mayor have been eliminated because of the high cost of primaries and the low voter turnout. I believe it is essential that St Louis Park adopt RCV. Without primaries or RCV we could have a candidate elected in the General election Without a majority of the votes. A large majority of people in Minneapolis and St. Paul like the RCV in their cities. I believe St Louis Park residents would also like RCV.” 
-- Jim Leuther, Candidate for city council Ward 3